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This promo is replacing the bonus credit giveaway per break. Will be doing a bounty promo instead. Will have a bounty for Football, Baseball and Basketball Will start the bounties at $100 each!Rules:To win you must guess the bounty AND be a participate in the break. Right before I begin the break I will open guesses in the chat and will close guesses after a few minutes. MUST Guess within the time window! Will start bounty with guesses for a true 1/1 (no plates) of a player pulled in the break. If you guess correctly you will win half the bounty and the other half will be random to break in TBD increments. May change the bounty guess to make winning easier if bounty gets high! Will start with 1 guess per person but can change rules as we go. Example: may let 1 guess per team/ spot or maybe even let multiple guesses for high dollar teams. Will announce any changes to rules right before the break!

Specializing in the latest in all types of sports card breaks. Football, Basketball, Baseball and much more. We provide PYT breaks and occasionally offer random team breaks. Be sure to subscribe to our website. We will have promotional codes and credits! We broadcast on Youtube Live on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights at 10pm CDT!

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